How to promote your business on LinkedIn for free? Complete Answered!

LinkedIn is a job search and recruiting app that has also turned into a social media platform. The idea of creating this platform is to approach good talent from all over the globe. That is why LinkedIn knows more about you than any other social media app. So, How to promote your business on LinkedIn for free? You can promote your business on LinkedIn for Free through LinkedIn-friendly Videos, Refine your profile, Use Relevant Hash Tags and Engaging Text.

But do you know you can use this app to promote your business, too? Well, most people just think of applying for or approaching new hiring through this app. You can use this platform as a promotional tool too. Let us learn how to promote your business on LinkedIn for free.

Having over 950 million members, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to promote your business or brand. But it looks so odd to think of doing this as the image of this app is just hiring. Increasing the number of connections and making awareness of your brand through comment sections is a traditional thinking that can help you a lot. But here are some smart strategies discussed below that can help you promote your business on LinkedIn for free.

Use LinkedIn-friendly Videos!

Making awareness of your brand through visuals is the best policy. Just like the other social media apps, LinkedIn’s algorithm now supports video content more than written content.

Posting a LinkedIn-friendly video can do business for you in a noticeably brief time. The term “LinkedIn-friendly” means you must post videos relevant to your business or brand, and never post a random video just like we do on other social media apps. The reason is the audience of LinkedIn is professional as compared to any other platform. 

Pro Tip: The video watching span of the viewers has dropped to below 60 seconds because of Insta reels\TikTok videos, so try to make a short video that would cover the maximum about your business in less than 60 seconds.

Refine your Profile Occasionally.

To have a maximum reach on LinkedIn, you must have a bigger number of connections, and to have a substantial number you must have a solid LinkedIn profile. That is why you should check your LinkedIn profile regularly and make the necessary changes too. 

Pro Tip: Adding new skills, achievements, and milestones to your profile will make a good impression on the audience and will help you to have a higher number of connections. 

Use Relevant Hash Tags!

Adding hash tags to your post or video will help you to seen as the maximum number of active users. But irrelevant hash tags can do the opposite as well. So be incredibly careful in using hash tags. 

Pro Tip: You can get help from the LinkedIn search bar to find the maximum relevant hash tags for your post and find yourself in the searches of maximum users. 

Through Engaging Text-only Posts

Text-only posts are still the most popular way on LinkedIn to make an authority. People still love to create or read text-only posts on this platform. Leverage this liking of the LinkedIn audience and create text posts that can cover the maximum information about your business. You can read about the process of publish article on LinkedIn through the LinkedIn Help Center.

Use this technique and set a fixed schedule for posting text-only posts on your profile.

Pro Tip: Add questions in your posts to increase engagement with your connections. It will also provide you with market insights as well as the demand of the people about your business.

Final words

LinkedIn is the most professional platform with the maximum number of active users. Through video campaigns, text-only posts, and relevant hashtags you can promote your business here without paying a single penny. We have also given you some pro tips so you will be a step ahead always.

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