Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile marketing in 2024

Look around and you will find everyone is busy using his smartphone. The mobile phone has become a part of our daily life so badly that we cannot even imagine life without our cell phones. In this read, MSH Rank Solution discusses with you about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile marketing.

The increase influence of mobile phones brings us a new marketplace, mobile marketing. With easy access to the internet, the mobile market has grown more as compared to the traditional market in the last few years.

But when there are advantages, there are always disadvantages too. Similarly, mobile marketing brings both. In this article, we are going to learn the advantages and disadvantages of mobile marketing.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has countless advantages. Here we are going to discuss some of them in detail.

Cost Effective

Imagine you have established a brand and now want to leverage multimedia marketing to get the maximum output, what is the biggest hurdle you will face? Well, this would be the budget issue, for sure. Running ads on TV or through any other media will cost a lot. Mobile marketing is cost-effective in terms of budget. You pay an exceedingly small amount as compared to the TV ads.

Target Audience

If you choose TV as an advertising tool, you have no control over who is going to watch it. Everyone who is sitting in front of the TV at that time can see your ad. This is a hit-and-trial way where you have an exceptionally low conversion chance.

Mobile marketing allows you to select a target audience and show your content or ad only to them. The user experience and liking will help you in this regard. Your ad will only see through the potential buyer or the person with the same interest. This will increase the win ratio and you are going to convert a maximum number of visitors into buyers.

Quick Communication and Customer Compliance

Mobile marketing allows you to contact your customers at any time, from anywhere. You do not need to sit at a particular store to deal with your customer. You can do it anywhere, without any hurdles of renting or staff. 

Moreover, you can do negotiation in real time to get maximum positive results. You can access the ad manager through your account that gives you every detail about visitors, demographics, time span, impressions, and conversion rate of every ad.

Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing also brings some disadvantages along with advantages that we should also consider before starting our campaign. 

Lack of Attention

Smartphone has decreased the time span of its users to a minimal level. You just have one or two seconds to grab the attention of a smartphone user to share information about your product and brand. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of relying on mobile marketing.

To address this issue, you must create outstanding content that engages the viewers to stop and make a purchase. You must consider the different advertisement for different demographics like ads for men shoes should target men of specific ethnicity or region.

Ad Blocker Extensions

Some internet users use ad blocker extensions. This is one of the biggest red flags in this market. This decreases the number of audiences you have selected in your advertising campaign. The big social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram cannot operate through ad blocker extensions. The premium quality blog websites do not give access to ad blocker users. Running advertisement to appear your brand on the google search results can not end through ad extensions. It means ad blocker extensions have limitations and you must do mobile marketing irrespective of blocker extensions.


We often do multi-tasking on our smartphones. This is also one disadvantage as it might be possible that someone may switch to another app on his phone when your ad appears on their screen. The combined advertisement on different social media platforms and search engines is the best way to increase awareness about your brand.


To stand out in mobile marketing, you must spend most of your time creating quality advertisement content or even a poster that grabs the attention of your target audience. If you somehow succeed in it, you will get maximum conversion every month. Mobile marketing has advantages for your brand promotion and disadvantages can be minimizable with the right strategy.

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