Why do Songs become Unavailable on Instagram? Complete Answered!

If you have encountered “this song is currently unavailable” on Instagram, do not worry at all. This happened to several Instagram users recently and many of them share the experience on social media platforms like twitter, YouTube or reddit. Let’s learn why this error happened to many accounts, the reason behind it, and how to fix this issue. Why do Songs become Unavailable on Instagram? It occurs due to the application issues, copyright issues, restricted location, browser issue, removal of the original audio and Poor internet connection. This problem is noticeable on android and IOS devices. This error can be fixed if you can identify the actual reason that is causing this error.

Instagram is one of the most popular and liked social media apps in the world. It is equally admired by common users, businesses, brands, influencers, content creators, and the world’s top companies. The app allows its users to create feed posts, reels, and stories to share their experiences and life events with the world. Instagram creators use the popular music on their reels or stories to push the algorithms make their content viral or get appreciation from the original artist.

Instagram stories feature is at the top of all the features provided by Instagram that allows its users to share multiple pictures in a slide. It has become a powerful tool that is frequently used by influencers and brands to connect with the world. Instagram reels are short video format to share your experience or product to the Instagram users with or without background music. The Instagram provides music library for creators to use for video format content on the platform.

Why do Songs become Unavailable on Instagram Problem and Solution

Below, we share the reasons about the song’s unable reasons in detail with the solution of this problem.  

Copyright issue

Not every music and all songs on Instagram are available for anybody. Many of them are copyright-protected. If you are facing this error, it is due to the reason that the owner of the music has restricted his song use for everyone. Only subscribed accounts are allowed to use this song in their reels or stories.

This could be a reason that your account falls in the category of restricted accounts and you are unable to use this music in your reels and stories. Even if you cannot play this song, the error will appear whenever you try to play the music.

The best and only way to overcome this error due to copyright to buy a subscription plan from the music owner. 

Maybe you live in a Restricted Region

Sometimes, some music owners add restrictions to their music on a regional basis. That means their song cannot be played in some regions. If you are facing the songs become unavailable on Instagram issue, you may live in a region where the music owner does not want to promote his music. 

You can change your location from the setting or by using a VPN to play and use this restricted music, only if it is due to a regional issue. This is a very simple and effective solution to this issue. We can use the paid or free VPN service and tries different VPN provider platforms.

Poor internet connection may also cause this error.

You are using a slow internet connection or your internet connection is being interrupted for any reason. There is the chance that you will face the “this song is currently unavailable” error. Mostly, this is the only reason that stops you from playing some music on your Instagram app. 

There are fewer chances that the error will appear on your phone screen due to the above-mentioned reasons. Slow internet causes this error too much. Replacing your current internet connection with a faster one can resolve this issue for good. We can reboot or restart the router to improve the speed of internet through clear memory.

Glitch in Application

The Instagram become the popular social media platforms that has significance for influencer marketers around the world. The new update in the application happens more often and the Instagram team experiments with different features. You have to go to the app store or google play store to update the Instagram application. It brings the access to latest tools, features (like stickers) and security updates. You may require waiting for few days to resolve the problem without doing anything. Get to know about Why does Instagram duplicate my photos? now.

If you still get Instagram song unavailability issue, log out your account and relogging again. If you still face the music unavailability issue, connect to the Instagram help center through email or official website.

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